55+ Home: At Home and Lovin’ it

Nov 1, 2015 |

Continuing on the theme I talked about the other day (regarding my friend not letting me let the image of the home go.) Let me tell you how I feel being at home in my new digs.

I find myself settling pretty well into my new digs, in this “Active 55+ Community.” By the way, I found my place on this site. 55+ Comm.site.

I’m happy, so far, with my decision to forego the house and instead get a villa. Sounds so grand. A villa! It’s just a fancy duplex. But it is nice, I admit. Not one of those ghetto-ish rectangle block-wall places with a shingle roof that has the same pitch as a tortilla.

My villa has a barrel-tile roof, striped awnings over the front windows, pavers in the courtyard, and a garage door with carriage-style hardware. I picked a very open floor plan, and my place looks out over the golf course, and beyond that, a conservation.

My neighbors are decent people, it seems like so far. They’re from New York. I think three-fourths of this community is from New York and the other quarter are from Jersey or Mass.

Everyone finally escaping the hellish winters of the north and exchanging the snow for sun, sun, and more sun.

I’m just heading into my first winter here. I am BEYOND EXCITED about the prospect of a snowless winter. No snow shoveling! No scraping ice off my windshield! No sliding around on black ice! Hallelujah! I really can’t believe that instead I will be PLAYING GOLF. Or softball. Or Pickle Ball. (Pickle Ball! Who came up with that name?!) Honestly, I should have done this about 20 years ago!

Of course, Biddy wouldn’t go for it. She loved her northern seasons. Even though the kids have scattered, even though she liked our vacations down here, I just never could get her to make the big move.

It does make me sad that I’m here because she’s gone. That part of all this is really hard, and I’m going to stop writing about that now.
My neighbors, Joe and Madge, invited me to go with them to the movie night in the village center.

It’s time for me to get out of my sweats and into something more respectable for The Movie Night, so I’ll talk at you later.

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