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About Mark

My name is Mark and I am a retired first responder. I actually became a paramedic years and years ago (before time began.) And….I have seen a lot of stuff in my lifetime. The reason I created the site is because I wanted to raise a little more awareness for individuals to understand that they need to have the resuscitation skill set really down in order to help people out if they become involved in an emergency.

I mean seriously so many people start choking in a restaurant and there’s no one around that knows how to help them. With some basic CPR/first aid skills you really can make a difference in your community. Naturally a lot of childcare facilities require CPR certification these days in order to care for little ones. Reason for this is because the liability is simply way too high. But my encouragement is for everybody to learn the skills because why should we put more value on one human being versus another? Often times there’s a lot that can be done before the first responders have a chance to get to the scene of an emergency.

As I mentioned above I am now retired and am moving into the second and final phase of my life. During this time I simply also developed an interest for blogging. So, with a view on some solid  bloggers in mind at least ones I keep my eye on, I decided to try my own hand at it. You are now at my blog. I hope that you get a lot out of it and I’ll catch up with you soon